ALC Series

The Carrymaster ALC series are medium duty swivel casters with a long adjustable leveling foot that combine the functions of a caster and a leveler.  With its long leveling foot protruding the plate, ALC series allows a big range of height adjustment. The leveling foot is made out of aluminum with nickel finish and can be adjusted by turning a screw nut.  ALC series comes in two models, one with s break (break type, ALC-1000FB) or the other with twin wheels (allows better rotation, ALCT-1000F).  ALC series are only made with a plate/flange top (F type).  The load capacity for both models is 2,205lbs per caster and the wheel size range from 72mm to 75mm.  The metal frame of ALC series is aluminum diecast with powder coat & zinc galvanized ivory color finish.  The default wheel is made out of PA6 material in black and some models can be modified with MC Nylon(Blue) or Antistatic Polyurethane(with bearings).