ACMCT Series

Carrymaster ACMCT Series Light Duty Medical Plastic Casters

The Carrymaster ACMCT Series is a new family of light-duty medical plastic twin wheel casters with excellent performance in rotation, rolling and highly noiseless. The ACMCT Series is highly recommended for hospital beds, medical devices, light load trolley, light load carts, and in many other light-duty mobility applications. Casters in the ACMCT Series come in many different configurations: swivel flange (SF), swivel flange brake (SFB), swivel stem (SS), swivel stem brake (SSB). All ACMCT Series casters are equipped with twin wheels. With a net weight from 0.51 lb to 2.36 lb and a load capacity from 132.28 lb to 220.46 lb, all Carrymaster ACMCT medical plastic casters are light and have a corrosion-resistant structure. 

All Carrymaster ACMCT Medical Plastic Casters, we carry, are in stock and ready to ship. To learn more about the Carrymaster ACMCT Light-Duty Medical Plastic Casters Series call our Casters and Wheels Experts at (973) 777-4922.