About Us

Since 2000, Zambus has been providing Carrymaster®, the revolutionary leveling caster designed for easy moving and level setting of machines and equipment. Carrymaster® is being used by variety of different industries including institutional, medical, electronics, packaging, fixtures, woodworking, automation and assembly equipments.

If you need your equipment to be both mobile and absolutely stationary, Carrymaster® is the right product! Carrymaster® , with two functions in one compact unit provides cost effective and simpler way to move and level your machines and equipment.

Carrymaster® leveling casters are easy to install and have innovative design!

• Die-Cast aluminum or galvanized cast iron frame with forged steel plate
• Powder-coated ivory color finish or galvanized zinc
• High strength Engineering Nylon-6 wheel
• Die-Cast aluminum footpad covered with synthetic rubber for anti-vibration

With over 25 models, Carrymaster® can handle from 220lbs to 7,920lbs in load capacity with 4 casters. All models are stocked in our NJ warehouse and most orders are shipped within 24 hours.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding quality products with great service. We believe Carrymaster® is the best quality leveling caster in the market and we are continually working hard to make our product better. We thank you for your business.