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In need of high-quality casters for the transportation of goods or simple mobility? Check out our extensive selection of casters – from commercial casters to industrial casters, all of which can be used in a variety of industries and applications (material handling, institutional, commercial, distribution, logistics, medical, electronics, packaging, fixtures, woodworking, furniture, automation, assembly equipment).

About Zambus:

Zambus, Inc. is an official distributor of the Carrymaster® casters, providing its clients with high-quality industrial-grade casters since the year 2000. We saw the need for high-quality casters in various industries and have stepped up to meet this need.

Our long history in the distribution of casters makes us a reputable source for all your caster needs. Several industries rely on Zambus to provide them with high-quality casters, particularly Carrymaster® casters – a brand known for its excellent performance and superb durability.

Who is Carrymaster®?

Carrymaster® is a well-known and established manufacturer of casters – from commercial casters to industrial casters. Known for their revolutionary leveling casters, Carrymaster® is a brand you can trust and rely on if you’re looking for casters that can handle light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty loads.

Carrymaster® casters can hold weights that are several times their own weight – from over 220 lbs to even a whopping 3,307 lbs per caster. This allows them to be used in a variety of applications like transporting medical equipment, logistics and distribution, material handling, manufacturing, and more.

Because of their high-quality products at reasonable prices, Carrymaster® is considered to be the best manufacturer of leveling casters and caster wheels in the industry – and you can find them all at

If you need your equipment to be both mobile and absolutely stationary, Carrymaster® is the right product! Carrymaster®, with two functions in one compact unit, provides a cost-effective and simpler way to move and level your machines and equipment.

Carrymaster® leveling casters are easy to install and have an innovative design!

• Die-Cast aluminum or galvanized cast iron frame with forged steel plate

• Powder-coated ivory color finish or galvanized zinc

• High strength Engineering Nylon-6 wheel

• Die-Cast aluminum footpad covered with synthetic rubber for anti-vibration

What are casters?

Casters are wheels attached to a rotating mount and are designed to be attached to the bottoms of large objects, allowing for easier and more convenient transportation of said objects.

Despite their small size, they can carry items that are several times heavier and larger than their own size. This makes them perfect for various industries such as the medical, industrial, and institutional industries.

Casters Vs. Wheels

It can be a bit confusing to differentiate the two as casters include a wheel as well. However, casters offer a higher level of versatility as wheels are limited to spinning only on a single axis. Therefore, they can only roll towards a single direction at a time.

Casters, on the other hand, do integrate wheels in their design but unlike simple wheels, they have a mounting system that can offer more options for users than regular wheels. Depending on the design of your casters, they can either be fixed or swiveling – the latter allowing you to easily change directions should you need to.

In terms of installation, casters can easily be installed and attached to objects using bolts, nuts, and washers. However, this varies from type to type. Nevertheless, they’re fairly easy to install, allowing you to quickly give your stationary items more mobility for easier transportation.

Types of Casters:

To further understand the need for casters, check out some of the different types of casters and the differences among them.

·  Swivel vs Rigid Casters

As mentioned, casters come in various designs, particularly swivel and rigid or fixed casters. Rigid or fixed casters are best if you’re transporting items in a straight line and won’t need to change directions at any point.

With them, you can easily move your cargo forward or backward, offering you more convenience, especially when transporting heavy-duty loads. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for more versatility in your casters, then swivel casters are the best option for you.

Swivel casters can rotate at 360°, giving you more versatility and maneuverability when transporting medium-duty to heavy-duty loads. However, they can be a bit challenging to set in motion as it will require a bit of maneuvering to get all casters facing the same direction.

Nevertheless, whether you need swivel or rigid casters, Zambus can cater to your needs. At Zambus, you can select from their extensive collection of commercial and industrial casters, offering you your much-needed convenience and maneuverability.

· Plated vs Stem Casters

Another type of caster is the plated caster. As the name suggests, plated casters don’t just include a wheel and its mount but it also has a plate mounted on top wherein you can place objects for easier transport.

This allows users to turn stationary objects mobile for easier transportation and maneuverability. This can have a variety of applications – from the medical field to industrial settings.

In contrast, stem casters are assemblies with a wheel or several wheels mounted on a fork. It has a stem that allows you to attach it to an item’s bottom, therefore, turning stationary objects into something more mobile.

Found on items like carts, furniture, and racks, stem casters are often made of rubber and polyurethane, reducing the chances of them scratching or damaging the floors.

Like swivel and rigid casters, Zambus also carries several models of both stem and plated casters, allowing them to meet your needs – whatever they may be.

· Leveling Casters

Last but not least are leveling casters. Compared to the other types of casters, leveling casters offer a high level of versatility, therefore, making them a popular choice for several industries. Leveling casters have adjustable heights and can quickly turn stationary items such as desks, machinery, and hospital equipment mobile and back to stationary once more.

They’re perfect for heavy-duty loads, giving your equipment the option to be both mobile and stationary. Moreover, as the name suggests, leveling casters can help level your items, making sure that the weight is evenly distributed amongst the casters.

Carrymaster® is a well-known manufacturer of leveling casters and their products are considered an industry standard and at Zambus, you can find an extensive selection of Carrymaster® casters – from non-leveling to leveling casters.

Fields of Application:

  • MEDICAL: The healthcare industry requires safe, reliable, and high-quality casters, wheels, and accessories to protect patients, staff, and equipment. Mobility is a requirement for most of the equipment, including hospital beds, stretchers, operating room equipment, utility carts, medication carts, cleaning equipment, X-ray machines, MRI equipment, medical furniture, chairs, food equipment, laundry carts, and more.
  • INSTITUTIONAL: This market has a vast range of applications, therefore a large variety of caster and wheel options are required to fulfill every requirement. High-temperatures, wet and damp environments, chemical resistance, non-marking and non-staining tires, soft and hard wheels, and more. Some casters and wheels in this category have to look their best, therefore modern design features could be a key factor in selecting the right caster for a particular application, for example, furniture Shock absorbing, spring-loaded, and leveling casters are used on applications carrying sensitive equipment and goods.
  • INDUSTRIAL: The industrial market has very specific needs. When selecting the correct caster for an industrial and heavy-duty application several factors have to be considered, including load capacity, environment, weather conditions, surface the application will move on, safety as well as other factors, to protect goods, equipment, and most of all operators. 

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