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In need of high-quality casters for the transportation of goods or easy mobility? Look no further! Our extensive selection of casters includes commercial and industrial options that are perfect for a wide range of applications across multiple industries (material handling, institutional, retail, distribution, logistics, medical, electronics, packaging, fixtures, woodworking, furniture, automation, and assembly equipment).

Whether you're in material handling, logistics, electronics, packaging, woodworking, or furniture, we have the right caster for you. Our products are also ideal for use in institutional, commercial, and distribution settings, as well as automation and assembly equipment.

Don't settle for subpar mobility – choose Zambus for the best in casters and wheels.

About Zambus:

Welcome to Zambus Inc., the leading distributor of top-quality industrial-grade casters since 2000. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best products and services to meet their caster needs. We understand that high-quality casters are crucial to various industries, and we have stepped up to meet this need.

At Zambus, we pride ourselves on our long history of distributing Carrymaster® casters, a brand renowned for its exceptional performance and durability. Our reputation as a reputable source for high-quality casters has made us the go-to choice for several industries. We take great pride in being able to provide our clients with top-of-the-line products that are guaranteed to meet and exceed their expectations. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the distribution of casters, you can trust us to deliver the best caster solutions for your business.

About Carrymaster®:

As a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial casters, Carrymaster® is trusted by professionals across various industries for their innovative leveling casters and caster wheels.

Whether you need to transport heavy medical equipment, handle materials in a warehouse, or move machinery around a manufacturing facility, Carrymaster® has the perfect caster for you. With weight capacities ranging from 220 lbs to a whopping 3,307 lbs per caster, you can rest assured that Carrymaster® casters will get the job done.

At, we're proud to offer a wide selection of Carrymaster® products, including their revolutionary leveling casters that combine mobility and stability in one compact unit. With Carrymaster® leveling casters, you can move and level your equipment with ease, all while enjoying a cost-effective and streamlined solution.

Explore our selection of Carrymaster® casters today and experience the ultimate in mobility, durability, and innovation. And with easy installation and an innovative design, you'll wonder how you ever got by without them!

Carrymaster® leveling casters are easy to install and have an innovative design:

  • Die-Cast aluminum or galvanized cast iron frame with forged steel plate
  • Powder-coated ivory color finish or galvanized zinc
  • High strength Engineering Nylon-6 wheel
  • Die-Cast aluminum footpad covered with synthetic rubber for anti-vibration

What are casters?

Are you tired of struggling to move heavy equipment around your workspace? Are you looking to move heavy items around your workplace effortlessly? You need casters! These nifty wheels attached to a rotating mount make it a breeze to transport even the bulkiest objects.

Don't be fooled by their small size - casters can handle items that weigh several times their weight. That's why they're a staple in industries like medicine, manufacturing, and institutions.

No more back-breaking lifting and pushing - let casters do the heavy lifting for you. Find out how these game-changers can revolutionize your workplace today.

What are Casters Vs. Wheels?

At Zambus Inc., we understand that choosing the proper hardware for your project regarding mobility solutions is essential. That's why we want to clear up any confusion between casters and wheels and help you make an informed decision.

While casters and wheels have a similar appearance, casters offer a higher level of versatility than wheels. Casters have a mounting system that provides users with more options than wheels, which can only roll in a single direction at a time. Depending on the design of your casters, they can either be fixed or swiveled, allowing you to change directions as needed easily.

When it comes to installation, casters can be easily attached to objects using bolts, nuts, and washers, providing more mobility and accessible transportation in no time. So, whether you need to move heavy machinery or furniture or want more maneuverability for your project, choosing the right caster can make all the difference.

Types of Casters:

To further understand the need for casters, check out some of the different types of casters and the differences among them.

  • What is Swivel Vs. Rigid Casters? 

    As mentioned, casters come in various designs, particularly swivel and rigid or fixed casters. Rigid or fixed casters are best if you're transporting items in a straight line and won't need to change directions at any point.

    With them, you can easily move your cargo forward or backward, offering you more convenience, especially when transporting heavy-duty loads. Nevertheless, if you're looking for more versatility in your casters, swivel casters are the best option.

    Swivel casters can rotate at 360°, giving you more versatility and maneuverability when transporting medium-duty to heavy-duty loads. However, they can be challenging to set in motion as it will require a bit of maneuvering to get all casters facing the same direction.

    Nevertheless, whether you need swivel or rigid casters, Zambus can cater to your needs. At Zambus, you can select from their extensive collection of commercial and industrial casters, offering you your much-needed convenience and maneuverability.

  • What is Plated Vs. Stem Casters?

    Another type of caster is the plated caster. As the name suggests, plated casters include a wheel and its mount, and a plate mounted on top where you can place objects for more accessible transport.

    Plated casters allow users to turn stationary objects mobile for more accessible transportation and maneuverability. Plated casters can have a variety of applications – from the medical field to industrial settings.
    In contrast, stem casters are assemblies with a wheel or several wheels mounted on a fork. Its stem allows you to attach it to an item's bottom, turning stationary objects into something more mobile.

    Stem casters are often made of rubber and polyurethane, and found on items like carts, furniture, and racks, reducing the chances of them scratching or damaging the floors.

    Like swivel and rigid casters, Zambus also carries several models of stem and plated casters, allowing them to meet your needs – whatever they may be.

  • What are Leveling Casters? 

    Last but not least are leveling casters. Compared to the other types of casters, leveling casters offer a high level of versatility, making them a popular choice for several industries. Leveling casters have adjustable heights and can quickly turn stationery items such as desks, machinery, and hospital equipment mobile and back to stationary once more.

    They're perfect for heavy-duty loads, making your equipment mobile and stationary. Moreover, as the name suggests, leveling casters can help level your items, ensuring the weight is evenly distributed amongst the casters.

    Carrymaster® is a well-known manufacturer of leveling casters, and their products are considered an industry standard. At Zambus, you can find an extensive selection of Carrymaster® casters – from non-leveling to leveling casters.

Fields of Application:

We are a trusted source for high-quality casters, wheels, and accessories across various industries. We specialize in providing reliable solutions for the Medical, Institutional, Industrial, Technology, Logistics, and Retail sectors.

  • MEDICAL: The healthcare industry relies on our casters and wheels to provide safe and reliable mobility for hospital beds, stretchers, operating room equipment, utility carts, X-ray machines, and more. Our accessories are always designed to protect patients, staff, and equipment.
  • INSTITUTIONAL: We understand that the Institutional market has diverse requirements, so we offer a range of caster and wheel options that cater to different environments. From high-temperature environments to chemical resistance, non-marking and non-staining tires, and modern design features, our solutions are designed to fulfill every requirement. We also provide shock-absorbing, spring-loaded, and leveling casters for applications carrying sensitive equipment and goods.
  • INDUSTRIAL: Our heavy-duty casters and wheels are designed to meet the specific needs of the industrial market. We consider load capacity, environment, weather conditions, and surface factors to protect your goods, equipment, and operators. With our reliable and efficient solutions, you can maximize productivity and efficiency in your workplace.
  • TECHNOLOGY: We recognize the importance of mobility for IT equipment and offer casters and wheels designed to support the movement of computers, servers, and other technology equipment. Our solutions include shock-absorbing and locking features, options for high load capacity, and precision movement to protect sensitive and expensive equipment.
  • LOGISTICS: Our casters and wheels are the go-tos for logistics applications, including hand trucks, dollies, platform trucks, pallet trucks, and more. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of the logistics industry, such as precision movement, quiet operation, and ease of use. With our reliable solutions, you can ensure that your logistics operations run smoothly and efficiently.
  • RETAIL: Our casters and wheels are essential for retail applications, such as shopping carts, product displays, and point-of-sale systems. Our solutions include noise-reducing features, smooth and easy movement, and durability to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. With our high-quality casters and wheels, you can ensure that your retail environment is efficient, organized, and safe.

Experience the power of mobility with Carrymaster® casters, exclusively available at!

At Zambus, we understand that every industry has unique caster and wheel solutions requirements. We're proud to offer an extensive collection of Carrymaster® casters, featuring over 158 models that can handle loads ranging from 99lbs to 7,920lbs with just four casters. From the healthcare industry to logistics, technology, retail, and beyond, our casters are engineered to deliver safe, reliable, and high-quality mobility for various applications.

We stock all our models in our NJ warehouse, ensuring that most orders are shipped within 24 hours. Whether you need to replace a broken caster or want to upgrade your equipment with the latest caster technology, Zambus has you covered. Visit our website today and explore our collection of Carrymaster® casters to find the perfect solution for your industry and application.

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