Leveling Casters

Carrymaster Leveling Caster, Carrymaster Leveling Caster Wheel,Carrymaster Leveling Castor

Compared to the other types of casters, leveling casters offer a high level of versatility, therefore, making them a popular choice for several industries. Leveling casters have adjustable heights and can quickly turn stationary items such as desks, machinery, and hospital equipment mobile and back to stationary once more. They’re perfect for heavy-duty loads, giving your equipment the option to be both mobile and stationary. Moreover, as the name suggests, leveling casters can help level your items, making sure that the weight is evenly distributed amongst the casters.

Leveling Plate Casters are usually equipped with anti-vibration leveling pad that can be easily adjusted by turning a thumb-wheel or a screw nut. Adjust the leveling pad keeps your equipment stationary and compensate for uneven floors. Industrial Leveling Casters are being used in many different industries and in a wide variety of different applications including material handling, institutional, medical, electronics, packaging, logistics, aerospace, avionics, robotics, fixtures, woodworking, automation and assembly equipment.