Carrymaster ACSU-40RF Light-Duty Rigid Flange Non-Leveling Caster

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Light Duty:
Polyurethane Wheel
Load Capacity:
33.07 lbs/ea

Discover the CarryMaster ACSU-40RF, a Light-Duty Caster, part of the ACSU Series. With a net weight of only 0.15 lb, the CarryMaster ACSU-40RF has a load capacity of 33.07 lbs per unit. The load capacity with 4 casters is 99.21 lbs.

Light Load of Trolley & Carts, Medical Devices
Easy & Quiet Rolling

Load/Unit: 33.07 lbs/ea

Dimensions ***Measurement in inch
1.57 0.67 1.77 1.50 Ø0.20 2.13 1.77


Materials & Treatments
-Parts Materials Treatments
-Top Plate & Bolt SPC & S45C Zinc
-Frame SPC Zinc
-Wheel Core PC Light Gray
-Wheel Polyurethane Transparent