ACTM-400 Rigid

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Load Capacity:
441 lbs/ea | 882 lbs w/4
Bolts & nuts included

Discover the CarryMaster ACTM-400 Rigid Non-Leveling Caster, part of the ACTM Series. With a weight of only 0.84 lb, the CarryMaster ACTM-400 Rigid Non-Leveling Caster has a load capacity of 441 lbs per unit. The load capacity with 4 casters is 882 lbs.

CarryMaster combines mobility, stability, and quality to provide a wide range of reliable choices for all your leveling/non-leveling caster needs. CarryMaster casters have being used in a variety of different industries including institutional, aerospace, autoclave, automotive, medical, electronics, packaging, fixtures, woodworking, automation and assembly, and on a wide spectrum of workstations, computer, communication, and printing equipment, as well as medical appliances and machineries and automation and robotic equipment. CarryMaster casters are typically found in all manufacturing and industrial environments, including clean room and laboratory facilities.

Load/Unit: 441 lbs/ea
Load Capacity w/4 Casters: 882 lbs

Weight 0.84 lb
3.62 in
2.52 in
2.40 in
3.62 x 3.52 in
2.87 x 1.77 in
0.35 in


Materials & Treatments
---- Parts Materials Treatments
Top Plate - -
Shaft - -
Frame SPC Zn Galvanized
Pin Swrch 10 Zn Galvanized
Wheel PA6 Black


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