Caster Wheels That Can Be Used To Stabilize And Move Items Within Your Business!

Feb 17th 2021

Leveling casters are adjustable and can be used to transport and stabilize heavy equipment that is used within your factory setting. Unlike standard casters which may work best on a flat surface, leveling caster wheels can be used on either flat or slightly sloped surfaces.

The Composition And Usage Of Leveling Caster Wheels

An anti-vibration pad rests along the foot of each leveling caster assembly. This part will secure a heavy machine or furnishing and prevent accidental tip-overs. The pad is anchored to the base plate of a caster and can be adjusted to lift or lower from a surface.

A single or double wheel that is surrounded by a metal bracket will allow an end user to move an item up a ramp or across a floor. Leveling caster wheels can also be used to successfully push materials across pavement or a lawn. Each wheel in a caster set may be constructed of hard nylon. This material will not scrape flooring or leave marks on surfaces. A thumbwheel adjustment that is centrally located along one side of each leveling caster is used to control whether a pad or a wheel will be utilized for an application.

The Attachment Process

Each set of casters will require the use of base plates and hardware. Base plates are flat and will secure to the bottom of each item that is being moved. Hardware will be needed to attach each plate. You will need one set of leveling casters for each item that you will be moving within your facility.

Choose to use casters for any bulky or heavy items that you or your employees refrained from moving around much in the past, due to the awkwardness or the difficulty of doing so. With the addition of  leveling casters, any items that were deemed immobile or that were only moved short distances can aid with completing job applications in any part of your business where they are needed.

When you are ready to attach a set of leveling casters to the bottom of an item, seek help with laying the item on its side. Use hardware and a drill to secure the leveling wheels to each plate. Attach one plate that contains a wheel and an assembly, to the bottom of the item that is going to be moved within your facility. Turn the item upward and ensure that the wheels are resting on the floor. Move the machine or furnishing across the floor and use each caster's thumbpad to adjust all of the pad rests.

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