Why Use Leveling Caster Wheels With Extended Stems?

Oct 9th 2020

While all  leveling caster wheels enable you to move things around and then lock them into a stationary position, not all wheels work in the exact same way. In some cases, it pays to look beyond regular products and to choose casters with advanced features.

For example, you may find it useful to use extended-stem leveling wheels. How are these wheels different and when are they a good option?

What Are Extended-Stem Leveling Caster Wheels?

Leveling caster wheels have two aims. You can use the wheels to move pieces of equipment or machinery from place to place. When you need to keep something in one place, you engage the wheels' leveling pads. These pads act as if a kind of advanced braking mechanism.

You use a tool or push a button to engage a pad. This works on a stem inside the pad which raises the mechanism. As this happens, the wheel lifts up or to the side. The pad then sits on the floor instead of the caster wheel.

Once all your pads are down, they keep your piece of equipment or machine level and steady. They disengage the casters so they can't move the item.

If your wheels have extended stems, then the pad's stem is longer than the norm. This extra length is sometimes useful; it allows you to adjust the height of your casters above a standard range and more accurately.

When Might You Use Extended-Stem Leveling Casters?

Regular leveling casters work fine in many circumstances. However, they might not work as well as you need them to in certain situations.

For example, if you want to park a machine or piece of equipment on a piece of uneven floor, then you may find it hard to get the caster pads to all lie flat. Your item might not sit steady or feel secure.

This is an issue if you're using a sensitive device or piece of machinery that needs to be level to work. You also don't want to have to worry about not being able to keep valuable equipment on a stable surface. If it topples over, it could get damaged.

Plus, extended stems allow you to change the height of the wheeled item to suit your needs more effectively. If you need a machine to sit higher than the norm to make it easier to use or to keep it off the floor surface, then these casters can make it taller than regular leveling wheels.

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