Why You Might Want To Install Leveling Casters On Your Equipment.

Nov 23rd 2020

Whether you work with heavy equipment that you need to move with precision or especially delicate equipment like that found in a lab, there are a variety of different reasons why you might want to look at installing multiple leveling caster wheels within your place of business. Here's how a set of  leveling casters can assist you and others in your business.

Roll Heavy Equipment with Ease

If you have heavy equipment that does not have its own set of built-in wheels, moving it from one side of your workspace to another could prove to be a real trial. You might need to get multiple people to help you push or lift it, but you may be reducing your workplace's efficiency every time this happens.

When two or four leveling casters are placed underneath the equipment, you'll be able to roll it to its destination, possibly by yourself. This will also keep the workplace safer as the weight won't have to be dealt with by you or other employees, perhaps preventing people from pulling a muscle or throwing out their back.

Raise or Lower the Equipment at Will

A leveling caster can also have a plate installed that will help you adjust the equipment's height or exact positioning. If you are using delicate lab tools, you might want to ensure each employee's perfect position that uses it. A leveling caster can go up or down, moving the equipment it's attached to along with it.

Reduce Vibrations

If you are working with equipment in a delicate environment like a lab, you don't want one person's work to disturb someone else's. If the equipment you use generates vibrations when used, it could be essential to ensure that the vibrations don't make it to the ground and travel towards something else nearby. Once leveling casters are installed, they absorb the vibrations from the device while it's in operation. This could lead to a safer work environment—or, at the very least, a quieter one.

Any place of business with complex heavy equipment or high-end lab equipment that requires precise movements can benefit from installing leveling caster wheels. Your new leveling casters will help you relocate equipment when needed, raise and lower your equipment to the desired height, and even help you absorb shocks or vibrations while the equipment is doing its job. 

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