Carrymaster Anti-Static Polyurethane Wheel

$28.00 - $52.50
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Explore the CarryMaster Anti-Static Polyurethane Wheels we carry; available in 4 sizes. These wheels can be used on multiple CarryMaster Leveling/Non-Leveling Casters see applicable models here below.

Our CarryMaster Anti-Static Polyurethane Wheels are applicable to the following caster models:


  • CarryMaster AC-50F, AC-50S
  • Footmaster GD-40F, GD-40S
  • Blickle HRP-POA 45G, HRIG-POA 45G
  • CasterHQ TP-40F, TP-40S

  • CarryMaster AC-300F, AC-300S, ACP-200F, ACP-200S, ACT-400F, ACT-400S, ACTM-400R, ACTM-400S, APLC-200F
  • Footmaster GD-60F, GD-60S
  • Blickle HRP-POA 50G, HRIG-POA 50G
  • Woodriver 149511W
  • CasterHQ TP-60F, TP-60S
WHPU00244 2.44"
  • CarryMaster AC-600F, AC-600S
  • Footmaster GD-80F, GD-80S
  • Blickle HRP-POA 63G, HRIG-POA 63G
  • CasterHQ TP-80F, TP-80S
WHPU00283 2.83"
  • CarryMaster AC-1000F, AC-1000S, AC-1300F, AC-1300S, APLC-700F
  • Footmaster GD-100F, GD-100S, GD-120F, GD-120S
  • Blickle HRP-POA 72G, HRIG-POA 72G, HRSP-POA 72G
  • CasterHQ TP-100F, TP-100S

Polyurethane wheels combine the abrasion resistance of plastic with the shock-absorbing qualities of rubber. Their aluminum core adds strength to the wheel without sacrificing cushioning. Use them on smooth or rough floors and in areas with debris.